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Find out more about your constitution and tendencies towards imbalance

Artemis Water Sanctuary

We are living in a new paradigm of heightened necessity to pay attention to mental and physical wellbeing.  We are ushering in another age of Aquarius, an opportunity for different structures that look at healing and wellness in a new way. My business focuses on using nature's elements with a primary focus on water to release, renew, rejuvenate both mind and body. The current state of mental and physical health in America is at a critical point, western approaches to mental health are failing or at best cannot keep up with the demand for services, and western medicine application of prescribing medications is not addressing the route cause of illness, our stress . Our central nervous system remains in a constant state of fight or flight and cortisol levels raised exhaust our adrenals leaving us susceptible to a host of various stress borne illnesses, anxiety, depression, obesity, auto immune diseases, heart disease and cancer to name a few plaguing our society. The goal of Artemis Water sanctuary is first, before doing anything is, to be, Drop out and drop in. To take ourselves out of mind chatter and body stress by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system or the rest and digest functions of the body. Hot and cold water contrast therapy is how. Welcome to the newest modality, a private water wellness circuit. I have created a space defined by the five elements, living moss walls, fire, stone, wood and water. 

 The wellness circuit offers you two hours either alone or with one other person, clothing optional, to float between a traditional dry sauna, a traditional Japanese Ofuro soaking tub (6 feet X 4 feet wide),  a cedar ice bath, a sitting rain shower and a radiant heat river rock bed (ganbanyoku). The object? Disconnect, do nothing, release to the water all that does not serve you, be renewed let the medium of water we were all born from and are mostly made of restore you. 

At the  beginning or at the close of your private water wellness circuit be invited to have further healing through Thai bodywork, a movement therapy class and finally lay fireside and drink from the water bar of single sourced waters from around the world curated specifically for their health benefits, mineral content and life force. 

Bucket Hot Tub

Somatic Mindfulness Project

Teen group mindfulness sessions, free. 

How many times I have heard someone say they can’t meditate, or it doesn’t work. I have three teenagers, so I have heard this often.  This generation z is coping with some serious trauma and the traditional western therapists are inundated. What our kids can do while waiting for western medicine to play catch up is simply to learn how to still the mind. 

Meditation can be approached in many ways, for our teenagers I have found the somatic approach to work far better as it has a focus to bring the monkey mind back to the body. This rooting into sensory experience of the body zips  the attention to single pointedness. 

We focus first on the breath. We allow the body to be comfortable, and as the mind wanders away with the constant battery of thoughts we bring it back to a sensory experience in the body, the temperature of the skin, the rise and fall of the belly.  The practice can be done laying down as opposed to the traditional format of holding the spine erect. The goal in this practice is to set up our kids, to have an experience of what stilling the mind can feel like so we allow for a comfortable position to set them up for more success. It is a fifteen minute guided scanning of our body’s sensations led by a teacher. 

If we can get our kids to slowly create a discipline of noticing within themselves, noticing their breath, their shoulders their chest as breath is held, they will have this intelligence when they are not in meditation. They will slowly find a more non reactive mind. 

This non reactive mind becomes a new groove in the brain, it allows for deeper sleep, deeper breath, less anxiety, less depression. This is not talk therapy, it is silence therapy. 

If you would like to read more about this project, check out the latest blog under the menu tab "more".


I am taking on a small group of teens interested in healing through this method. We will meet both in person and on zoom.  If you’re interested in hearing more you  may reach me at

This is free, it is a study for effectiveness and some of your teen's schools may even offer community service hours for it. 

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