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Marisa Incelli

 Thai Bodywork • Somatic Release and Holotropic Breathwork • Intentional Living Coaching • Mindful Movement • Conscious Cooking 

Holding space for healing hearts one at a time


About Me

I am in the service of holding space for individuals so that they may find their inherent shine within. I do so with modalities of, Thai bodywork, breath work, energy work, moxibustion, Ayurvedic consultation and cooking. I come as an intuitive healer with a host of modalities to  nurture you into the awareness of your own divine sparkle.

"The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"

Marcel Proust

My Treatments


Corporate Wellness Programs

Awaken the somatic connection of your employees, help them to find peace of mind and vibrance of body. If your employees are healthy and happy then employee productivity and retention is higher. Ask me what services I offer, as each individual needs something unique this is a boutique service tailored to each person. Sign up for a complimentary consult to discuss your particular company needs.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Breathwork, Meditation and Somatic Release practices

Healing modalities of diversified breathwork, sound and  somatic release therapies heal the body in different ways then physical applications. Tools such as sound baths, drumming, mantra, nadi shodhana and Holotropic, (circular) breathing as well as TRE (trauma release exercises ) or shaking can be used to assist in settling the mind, settling or grounding the body and the releasing of stored physical and emotional trauma.

Each session is intuitive and could draw from one of more of these above therapies culminating in a deep guided meditation. All of these practices  have ancient diverse roots in shamanism, yoga and Buddhism. This is journeying. 20.jpg

Thai Bodywork 

“It feels like I can breathe again, like there is more space in my body” Not a massage but meridian energy work and physical manipulation of the body to create space and freedom of movement. It is a healing technique that was practiced before doctors. It is a therapeutic procedure that provides relaxation and restores healthy blood circulation. It also treats energy blockages, weak, dysfunctional organs, aches and pains, stress and tension, flexibility, paralysis, nerve problems and postural alignments. A session typically lasts an hour or maybe more and the massage works to stretch the entire body. 


Intentional Living Nutritional Coaching

Have you ever felt like you need a hand to hold, a guide to assist you in transforming yourself into the picture of joy and physical health? This is a six month program, we meet twice a month for one hour and work together on your goals for whole body wellbeing.Each session brings a new opportunity for your own transformation through diet, spiritual practices and physical practices. Every person's needs are unique and the process is personalized to you each time. Contact me for a free consultation and personalized plan.

Upcoming Events

    Fri, Sep 06
    Center City Breathe
    Sep 06, 2024, 8:00 AM – Sep 10, 2024, 6:00 PM
    Center City Breathe , 1425 Federal St, Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA
    Sep 06, 2024, 8:00 AM – Sep 10, 2024, 6:00 PM
    Center City Breathe , 1425 Federal St, Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA
    Thai massage and Traditional Thai medicine training with Sebastian Bruno coming from his home in Thailand to Philadelphia, Pa 5-Day training to learn Thai Massage and Tradtional Thai Medicine Elements with Sebastian Bruno and Marisa Incelli


Paying attention to everything is a discipline, and discipline takes dedication, motivation and most importantly accountability. Let me help you with all three. 

Movement Based Therapy and Yoga 

Dance though you're broken open, move the body to move the mind. I have always felt that

movement worked through the most stuck places in the body to free the thoughts from suffering.

That if I danced or practiced yoga I could move past the unconscious and conscious binds that held me, if I literally expressed in my body I would crack open and all that

didn't serve me would just pour out. I could witness all that was not me, all that was imposed

thought upon me, all that I empathically drew into me and assumed was mine.

Move imagining yourself as if shattering to the floor, emptying, resting, and then repairing and

filling back up with love, acceptance and gratitude.

Yoga Practice
_hannesthun_yoga+cook in france-236-web.

Personal Chef and Nutrition Consultant

Let me bring a specialized week of dinners to you, prepared either in your home or mine. Highly personalized for what you are looking to achieve with your diet, wellness, or a dive into the  exploration of clean eating and whole foods you have been curious about.

Want to do it yourself? Book a consultation for nutritional coaching with me free and learn how. 

Contact Me

Artemis Table

Marisa Incelli

11 Provincetown Dr

Marlton, New Jersey 08053

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When I met Marisa, we began a vital stretching and movement regiment. As a former professional athlete, I had dropped into a more sedentary, but business life. I wasn’t giving time for myself and my own health. We naturally progressed into discussions of nutrition and exploring the spiritual elements of my life. Looking back, the transition to weekly sessions with Marisa has moved me on my path to overall well-being and an elevated consciousness more than any other decision in my life. She holds space for my personal growth. She keeps me on track. I look forward to each session, which continue to evolve as I do too. She has become more than a consultant, she’s my guide, my friend and my shaman.

Craig Arthur von Shroeder

Founder Commonwealth Proper 



Marisa most recently has been providing incredible home-cooked meals for my family and I during a particularly difficult time. They say food nourishes the soul, and I have truly felt this on a very deep level. You will find that Marisa understands food and its affect on the body from not only an ingredient perspective but also in its ability to heal. She is meticulous in presentation and in the very way she explains her preparations. She is passionate about her craft, and this passion and love flows into everything she creates. Her meals are beautiful to the eye, and there is never a drop left. Everything is so delicious. She is a pleasure to work with, and I give her my highest recommendation. You are a lucky person should you find yourself being fed by Marisa.

Cheryl Van Sciver, owner Balanced Planet Yoga

I believe fate intervened at a time I was lacking my own sense of direction and self-care. I felt that in our weekly sessions over a two month period I had been given many tools to work on myself. Learning about diet, exercise and meditation / relaxation was and continues to inspire my journey going forward. Being accountable to Marisa (my “coach”) was very important to be disciplined going forward.  I was reminded to embrace the childlike wonders of every day life.

Robin Delarato

 I subscribe to massage therapy as an essential part of my health care. Marisa was my first experience with a Thai massage. Thai massage is a unique approach to massage because you are not stationary in the process.  Marisa intuitively reads your body as she works with you, she is able to listen deeply to know just how to move, position and stretch your body with just the right amount of pressure coming from her own body weight.  In this gentle and fluid manipulation of my body I felt her able to reach and give attention to particular hot spots that had needs, in such a way that the body accepts and does not resist what she is doing.

Susan Latona, PHD 

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