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Element Balancing, Thai Massage Retreat

Restoration Awaits in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
February 17-24, 2024

Healing is not one size fits all, it is exquisitely individual. Find the warm reprieve of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in February. Rest and rejuvenate and balance your dosha, through Thai massage, water therapies, dosha balancing cooking classes, breath work, Traditional saunas and plunge pool, nature and dosha balancing meditation and movement classes daily.

What to expect

After a short flight and an easy private boat ride you will find yourself in a little corner of paradise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for seven nights  of pure rest and rejuvenation. Come warm your body and learn about your specific make up of elements, dosha and how to address your individual balance. We will look through the lens of Thai 5 element theory and Ayurvedic 3 dosha system to offer an individualized approach to your own unique healing. Modalities of water balancing, fire balancing, and wind balancing will be available in the following forms: Ofuro soaking tub, traditional Swedish Sauna in the open air, Wim Hof Ice plunges,  waterfalls, water therapy, Traditional Mexican Temazcal (sweat lodge) led by a resident shaman, Dosha and element specific movement classes daily and meditation and breath work practices to balance and restore. In addition cooking classes based on balancing doshas from a combined ayurvedic and western perspective and Thai bodywork to balance our earth element will be available daily. You will rest, reset and learn so much about your own healing process and maybe take home a thing or two to help those you love. All, lodging, activities, classes, massage, water therapies, food and airport transfer by boat are included in the ticketed prices. There is an additional charge for the Temazcal per person of $55 USD. I am told this time of year makes for magical whale watching from our private oceanfront villas as well. So much beauty awaits !

Penthouse11 (1).jpg


We have the entire resort exclusively for our group, there are four rooms and two penthouses available, with single, double, triple or quadruple occupancy options. 

All included


Per Person

Penthouse with AC $2,215


Per Person

Room with AC $2,019
Penthouse with AC $2,474


Per Person

Room with AC $2,306
Penthouse with AC $2,985


Per Person

Room with AC $3,160
Penthouse with AC $4,525

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